What are the advantages of frozen snacks and how to treat them?

Whether for a specific party or to have in the fridge in case of an unexpected visit, frozen snacks are a great option! The biggest advantage of frying them at home is being able to serve them hot and crispy whenever you want!

Beneditto’s Salgados frozen snacks preserve the already known flavor and quality of our fried snacks.

To fry them is simple! Check out our tips:

1- In a medium pan or deep fryer, put enough oil to cover the snacks.

2- Let the oil heat up for about 8 minutes, until it reaches an average temperature of 180°C.

3- Place 5 units at a time, turning them gently with the help of a slotted spoon, until the frying is homogeneous.

4- Remove the snacks with a slotted spoon when they are firm and slightly browned.

By placing a small amount of snacks in the pan, gently turning them over and leaving them in the oil for the correct amount of time, you will avoid bursting and have a perfect frying.

READY! After frying, enjoy your warm and crispy snacks!

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